TLA of the Day: SEO

SEO is a common term heard around the office anymore, and we’d like to briefly talk about what it means and in relation to your company’s website redesign project – but first, we’d like to talk about what it doesn’t mean…

Today’s TLA of the Day: SEO – does not stand for ‘Saturday Early Operations’. However, that was not made apparent to construction workers [that woke me up this morning] breaking concrete on the street below at 8am on a Saturday. It is also not an abbreviation for ‘Severe Energy Overload’, which is a side effect of overly caffeinated energy drinks. Nor is it short for ‘Seals Eat Otters’; what’s wrong with you?

It does stand for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s really important. Especially if you’re thinking about redesigning your website. In fact, that’s the absolute best time to start thinking about it.