The Ganjapreneur's Guide to Using Video in Sales & Marketing

The concept of using video in the realm of sales and marketing is far from new. Cannabis marketing experts around the nation know that it's one of the best chances they have to reach consumers. Due to strict regulations on who can advertise cannabis products and how they can be advertised, most cannabis companies rely heavily on inbound marketing methods to bring their customers to them.

Any marketing effort which seeks to attract prospective customers to you through content creation is a form of inbound marketing. Video is one of the most popular forms of inbound marketing for corporations today (whether they're selling cannabis products or not); and upon looking at viewer statistics, it's not difficult to see why:

It's abundantly clear that American shoppers are eager to watch video content created by the brands that they love; but we know consumers can be fickle. Are they actually responding to video marketing efforts? Do sales actually go up once a brand starts investing in their video marketing playbook?

Here's your answer:

The Price of Video Marketing

The price of your brand's video marketing endeavor will depend on numerous factors. There's no one average dollar amount that goes into a video marketing campaign. What you spend is heavily dependent on your pre-existing marketing framework, the equipment you have on hand, and your own skills.

There's no right or wrong way to create video marketing content; that means we're hard-pressed to define exactly what it is you'll need to achieve success. Creating a price tag from here is virtually impossible. Instead of trying to pigeonhole prices and crunch nonexistent numbers, we've included a handful of factors that will play into your budget and how they'll impact your spending.

  • Video equipment

    • Includes cameras, microphones, lights, and so on

    • None of this is technically necessary; you can shoot video on a modern mobile phone and upload it directly to wherever you want it to go

    • Price increases in tandem with video quality

  • The video

    • How long is the video?

    • Do you need to pay for a location to shoot or for products in the video?

    • Video style has an impact, too

  • Your marketing framework

    • Do you still need to build up your website or establish yourself on social media platforms?

    • Are you prepared to properly tag and integrate your content?

    • You could wind up needing to spend some cash here for basic marketing improvements

  • Your team

    • Outsourced teams vs. in-house employees

    • Outsourcing is obviously the more costly option of the two

Key Reasons to Leverage Video Marketing 


It keeps site users engaged

Did you know that the average site user will spend up to 88% more time on a website that features video content? Our brains can process auditory and visual information from videos far faster than it can begin to understand written content. Whether we realize it or not, we're wired to love video because it's aesthetically pleasing, easy to understand, and immersive.

You can teach your audience

If you're in the cannabis industry, you're all too familiar with biased assumptions and unfounded opinions. You can do your job to fight stigma and inform the public about your products with your video marketing content. We're naturally curious, but we're also naturally lazy.

Using video content as a means to educate viewers while you pull them closer to your brand is known to be extremely effective. In instances where text and video are available on one page, 72% of site users would prefer to use the video to learn about products and services

Your viewers form emotional connections

When people watch well-crafted video content, they start forming connections to the brands and the stories that are unfolding in front of them. With the cannabis industry so closed off from much of mainstream America, many customers feel a deep sense of loyalty to the brands they discover and love. 

Your customer base is already primed to be on the lookout for brands they feel at home with. Make that easier for them by creating compelling video marketing content that strengthens your brand's message and elicits an emotional response. 

The Barebones Guide to Creating Video Marketing Content

We can hardly squeeze in a detailed, rigorous guide to creating compelling video marketing content. The process involves a significant effort on the part of countless team members. However, we figure you're primed to understand a few more granular, valuable tips at this point.

Keep what you've read above in mind, and don't forget to take these essential steps when it comes time to create your videos:

  • Always optimize for mobile viewers

    • Almost 50% of video content watchers use mobile devices

  • Keep things short

    • If you're putting together a longer video, dedicate more time and funds to ensure quality and style are spot-on

  • Use a series-based format to build curiosity and encourage viewers to check out more content

  • Focus on your mission, not just your product

If you're looking to learn more about how you can leverage the power of video marketing to increase brand awareness and start sales rolling in, get in touch with our team today! We're a group of cannabis marketing experts-- and we're determined to help you light up your digital marketing presence. Whether you need a partner in website design, branding, or marketing, we'll team up with you to create content that drives you to success.